Custom Profiles - Atomos Neon

Loupedeck LIVE and the free AtomRemote App allow for flexible control options and essential monitoring tools

DIT / NLE multifunction Control

With the release of the MacOS App the AtomRemote shortcut control of NEON is at your fingertips. AtomRemote paired with the Loupedeck Live provides fast access to NEON controls.  Exposure and analysis tools are available as you need them, or jump in top playback mode to access the recorded clips, transport controls and loop playback.

  1. Connect Loupedeck LIVE to your iOS device with AtomRemote App running
  2. Download and import AtomRemote NEON APP profile into your Loupedeck LIVE
  3. Once AtomRemote App is active, Loupedeck LIVE displays essential monitoring tools with icons