Custom Profiles - Autodesk Mudbox

The Mudbox Custom Profile offers Loupedeck CT users the ability to efficiently produce 3D sculptures using the Mudbox software, by providing intuitive access to all shortcuts and tools, essential to the 3D workflow.

The Mudbox profile consists of 2 main workspace, the Sculpting Workspace and the Painting Workspace. The sculpting workspace provides quick access to a variety of brush tools, as well as the mesh itself, along with important controls such as combine, subdivide, freeze, etc… The Painting Workspace provides precision control over the brush, lighting and the viewport.

Mudbox profile features:

  • Easy navigation in the viewport
  • Quick access for the most frequently used tools and options
  • Easier access to more complex shortcuts
  • Viewport control such as lighting, material, mirror, wireframe…

Mudbox profile specifications:

  • Keyboard must be set to English
  • Shortcuts have to be set as Mudbox
  • Support: Windows

Download Windows:

Windows: CT
Windows: LIVE

Download Mac: