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How do I create a profile for streaming?

Here's how to use the streaming plugins like OBS Studio, Streamlabs and Twitch with your profile

It's easy to begin streaming with the Razer Streaming Controller powered by Loupedeck. You can start building your own customised profile by using the default profile as a template or start from scratch.

Here's how!

You can either use an application profile or a main profile for streaming.


Main Profile (like the default profile for Razer Stream Controller) is your Operating System based profile, that contains mostly OS-related actions. You can also add plugin-based actions to accompany the Main Profile, after you have enabled the said plugins in the "Hide and Show Plugins" tab on the action panel. The profile works best if you combine OS actions and plugin based actions with it.

Application Profile is a profile created for specific applications, like for example Twitch or OBS Studio. The profile will automatically come into focus in your device when you are actively using the application and you have the dynamic mode turned on. Shortcut based application actions will work only when the the application is in focus, but plugin based application actions will work even when the application is in the background. Read more about the differences here.

You can add more application and universal plugins  + browse different kinds of profiles in the Loupedeck Marketplace.

Adding Streaming plugins and actions into your profile

After you have decided the profile type you want to use, it's time to get to action!

Twitch, OBS Studio and Streamlabs - plugins have already been preinstalled into your Loupedeck software. All you need to do is activate them in "Hide and Show Plugins" tab by pressing the eye icon.

Now you are able to see the plugins and their actions on the action panel tabs. You can simply start dragging and dropping the actions on the device. Some actions need additional configuring before you can use them.

If the plugin icon shows a red dot on top of it, this means that the program is not running (OBS, Streamlabs) or that you need to sign in (Twitch). Click on the icon to learn more.


Customise your profile with Custom Actions & Adjustments


Custom Actions are a wonderful way to streamline your workflow. You can for example create macros, add shortcuts, create sound boards and open applications and webpages just by a press of a button.


1. Choose the 'Custom actions' tab on the left side of the action panel.

2. Choose the type of custom action you want to create.

3. An action editor will pop up on the lower right corner of the screen, allowing you to configure the action. Fill in the missing parameters.

4. Press 'Create' and your action is ready!

All the user made custom actions can be found in the "Stored Custom Actions" folder. Drag & drop the actions and adjustments to the buttons and dials to use them with your device!

Here's the full tutorial for creating Custom Actions and Adjustments



You can get more content for the sound actions (and new icons for actions!) from the Loupedeck Marketplace.