Adding and Editing Icons

How to add an icon to an action

To add an icon to a Custom Action or Custom Adjustment, you need to open the custom action/adjustment editor and click the "+" symbol at the top right corner. This will open a the icon editor.

Adding an icon

Adding an icon can be done in two ways:

  • Search a file from computer's file structure by clicking "Choose file" button, or
  • Drag and drop an icon file over the icon area.

When an icon has been added it can be adjusted with the following parameters:

  • Rotate: Rotate icon 90° to right with each press
  • Zoom: Zoom closer or further by moving the slider left or right
After the icon has been adjusted click either "save" or "close" depending which is needed:
  • Save: Save and add icon to the custom action/adjustment.
  • Close: Cancel changed.