An Internal Error message is appearing, learn what to do


If you see an error message when using Lightroom Classic saying your Loupedeck needs access to TCP ports but failed to make a connection, here’s what you can do.


Note! Before you proceed with the following steps, we recommend creating a backup of your current host's file.

  1. You can find your hosts file from the following path:
    1. Open Finder and click ‘Go’ from the Mac menu bar
    2. Select ‘Go to folder’
    3. Type /etc and click enter
    4. The hosts file should be in the /etc/ folder under the name 'hosts'; nothosts-orig, and notequiv. 
  2. Find the new hosts file from this link 
  3. Download and store it on your Desktop.
  4. Important! Please make sure there is NO file extension at the end of the file, for example, hosts.txt.
You can double-check that there is no file extension at the end of the file by:
    1. Secondary clicking/right-clicking the hosts file
    2. Select 'Get info' 
    3. Check under the 'name & extension' subheading whether there is any extension 
    4. Make sure the 'Hide extension' box is unchecked
    5. Drag and drop the hosts file from the Desktop to the /etc/ folder
    6. You probably have to enter an admin password at this point. Please do it
    7. Your Mac will ask to replace the 'hosts' file already in the /etc/ folder. Please replace it
    8. You might need to reboot Mac if Loupedeck does not work instantaneously