OBS Studio Setup

Setting up Loupedeck LIVE and Loupedeck CT with OBS Studio

Before setting up your Loupedeck LIVE or CT  with OBS Studio please ensure you have the latest versions of Loupedeck and OBS Studio software.

To set up the connection between your Loupedeck device and OBS Studio you need to install this remote control websocket connection: 


When OBS Studio is running and recognized, the left side action panel in the Loupedeck software will show the Scenes, Sources and Audio commands that can be assigned to the touchpads. 

Use these items to:

  • Select the Scenes to be shown
  • Hide, play and show sources
  • Mute and unmute audio inputs

All the Streamlabs OBS actions available are in the "Streaming Commands" folder. 

Please bear in mind,  running OBS Studio at the same time as other software built on the OBS profile (for example Streamlabs OBS) can cause issues with the Loupedeck software