Loupedeck plugin remains disconnected after the latest Photoshop update

The new Photoshop 2022 is now available in Creative Cloud. This article provides troubleshooting tips if Loupedeck plugin stays disconnected.


If you have recently updated Loupedeck software to our latest 5.0 software version and then updated Photoshop via Creative Cloud, you might experience problems with connecting Loupedeck plugin in Photoshop.


To fix this issue, please re-install Loupedeck software by following these steps:

  • Download Loupedeck software 5.0 from this link
  • Make sure all editing apps are closed for the next step
  • Run Loupedeck installer 5.0 again


Once Loupedeck software has been re-installed, please open Photoshop 2022 and connect Loupedeck via Plugins -> Loupedeck -> Loupedeck info