Windows 11 Build 22598 System Crashing Green Screen usbaudio.sys

Windows 11 crashes immediately after connecting Loupedeck Live / CT to your computer.

This seems to be a bug in this Windows Insider build (22598) causing crashing, one possible workaround for this is to disable the Loupedeck devices MIDI.
If you have the possibility to use another computer that is not using this Windows 11 build, go to your Loupedeck software > Device configuration > MIDI and turn it off:

After doing this you will be able to connect your Loupedeck device to the computer running Windows 11 Insider build without an issue.
Another workaround is to downgrade from this version of Windows. After disabling MIDI, you can upgrade back to Windows 11.
We have contacted Microsoft regarding this bug and hopefully, this will get patched soon.

Note: This will disable the MIDI commands on your Loupedeck device.