Ableton Live 10 - Plugin Support

You need to manually install the support files to keep using your Loupedeck console with Ableton Live 10

Due to software limitations, the Ableton application plugin can only support one Ableton version at a time. If you are still using Ableton Live 10 and have updated your Loupedeck software to 5.0.2 or higher, you will have to install the Ableton Live 10 support files manually.


! Always backup your customized Loupedeck profiles before installation process.

  1. Download the “Ableton Live 10 Support" zip-folder from here

  2. Unzip and place the “Loupedeck”- named folder that is inside the Ableton Live 10 Plugin Support - folder into this location on your computer:


C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 10 version*\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts

* Suite, Standard, Trial etc.

! The Program Data folder might be hidden from view.


Navigate to Ableton Live 10 in your applications folder. Right-click and select “Show package contents”.

Then navigate to:

/Applications/ Remote Scripts/

This folder should override a previous Loupedeck Folder, if there is one.

After placing the folder in the location mentioned above:

  1. Open Ableton Live 10 and go to preferences. Make sure that Loupedeck has been chosen as the control surface. If you do not see Loupedeck as an option, reboot your computer and do this step again.
  2. Voilà! Your Ableton - plugin should be ready for use.