AI Assistant - Setup & Startup

Here's how to begin with the exciting new Loupedeck AI Assistant - A Productivity-Boosting Plugin

Introducing the Loupedeck AI Assistant - a powerful new plugin that combines the innovative technology of Open AI and Loupedeck software to enhance your productivity.

One of the key benefits of the Loupedeck AI Assistant is that it can save you valuable time by allowing you to quickly access prompts and ask questions without having to switch between different applications. This means that you can streamline your workflow and focus on the task at hand, without being bogged down by the tedious process of navigating multiple programs and applications. We even include some samples for translations, programming and many more to help you get started quickly.

Get Started:

To use the plugin, open your Loupedeck app and find the AI Assistant in the list of plugins (Actions from plugins can be made visible by clicking on the "Show and Hide Plugins" tab on the action panel and then clicking on the eye-icon next to the plugin name). Next, license it by signing in to your Loupedeck account. Then, you can start using it with the following actions:

  • Sample Prompts: Choose one of the sample prompts and assign it to a button on your Loupedeck device. Highlight a text in your browser, email or any text editor and press the button to open the result in your default text editor.
  • Ask AI: As a user you have the option to create an action in which you provide the AI with a command prompt and select the text to be processed. For instance, you can request the summary of the selected text by using a prompt such as "Summarise the following text:". Alternatively, you may opt to create an independent action by unchecking the checkbox, which doesn't require any text selection. For example, you could ask "What day is it today?"
  • Send Selected Text to AI: Choose the "Send Selected Text to AI" action and select your desired output option. Assign this action to a button on your device and highlight a text you want to send for a prompt. Press the assigned button to deliver the result to your selected output option.


The Loupedeck AI Assistant can save you time and improve your productivity by allowing you to quickly access prompts and ask questions without having to switch between different applications.

The plugin is available for a trial version for all Loupedeck users. For more information about availability, search for the Loupedeck AI Assistant Plugin in Marketplace.