Wrong Adjustment or No Adjustments Are Changed When Turning a Dial

All the Capture One adjustments in Loupedeck system have two functionalities: What happens before the adjustment and what happens during the adjustment (exposure as an example),

  1. Fifth tool tab, containing exposure, is opened
  2. Exposure values are changed

In Capture One integration everything works with shortcuts. Each adjustment have a specific shortcut for increasing the slider value and for decreasing the slider value.

If something wrong (or nothing) happens when using a dial

  • Locate that particular adjustment from Loupedeck software's action panel (TIP! use search)
  • Click the action (e.g., Exposure) to open it within the Action Editor (appears at the bottom of the action panel).
  • Check which shortcuts are used for left and right rotations (and write them down)

Exposure is changed with pressing ALT and Numpad- (subtrackt) or Numpad+ (Add).

  • Open Capture One
  • Open Edit-menu
  • Select "Edit Keyboard Shortcuts"

First verify that Capture One is using the correct shortcut set.

If not:

  • Click on the "set" drop-down menu
  • Select "Loupedeck_beta" or "Loupedeck" (either one should be available)

If a wrong keyboard set was selected, now try with correct keyboard set. If issue still persists:

  • Search for the adjustment from Capture One's keyboard shortcut set (example: Exposure)
  • Verify that the shortcut assigned in Capture One is the same which is assigned in Loupedeck software.
  • If shortcut is not the same, change the shortcut in Loupedeck software to match what you have in Capture One's keyboard shortcut set.