Capture One Beta Integration

How is Capture One beta integration done and why

Currently Capture One integration works using keyboard shortcuts where most of our other integrations work via the internal support (SDK / API) made by the software manufacturer.

Unfortunately using keyboard shortcuts is not completely seamless. For example, changing exposure from 0,1 to 0,7 appears as six separate keyboard shortcut commands on the history instead of just one “exposure +0,6” -notification. On some slower computers turning "exposure dial" fast equals on sending multiple shortcuts really fast and might show up as slowness on the computer.

Why even publish a Beta version?

We have had far more requests from customers for Capture One integration than for any other software. Releasing Beta software gives us valuable experience of how Capture 1 users work and from their feedback we can release improved versions of the software sooner. All your feedback is welcome, please send via our Customer Support Form at the bottom of that page at