Curves, Hue, Saturation (CT & LIVE)

Final Cut Pro

Accessing Curves inside FCPX is fast and easy, as rotating the wheel automatically sets a point on the curve when you have navigated the mouse pointer close enough to the curve.

After pressing the link for “Curves/HueSat” you can choose whether to “Add Curves FX” or “Add HueSat FX” by tapping the touch pad buttons. Both work with the corresponding “Mouse Tool” opened on the CT wheel / dials.

Start rotating the “Mouse Tool” adjustment and you will find out how smoothly and precisely it works as there is separate controls for horizontal and vertical movement. You can add as many points to a curve as you want.

You can switch “Selected Effect On/Off” to see like a “Before / After” or remove the whole effect and start over by adding another Effect.