Custom Action: Keyboard Shortcut

A powerful custom action that lets you record your own shortcuts and shortcut combinations to be sent from one button or used in a Multi-action.

The Keyboard Shortcut action can be found in the Custom Actions tab in the action panel 

Click on the action or drag it to a touch button to open the action editor

There are two ways to create a shortcut action.

  • You have the option to directly record shortcuts by clicking on the key field and typing out the shortcut.
  • or you can select the keys from a predefined list (dropdown menu).

A keyboard shortcut can include:

    • One or more modifiers

    • One normal key

    • Combination of modifiers and a normal key

Press Save when you are finished with your shortcut. Your shortcut can be found in the "Stored Custom Actions" Folder.

This feature has been designed so that a stored Keyboard Shortcut action works even if the keyboard layout is changed in the OS.

Tip: Activate a keyboard shortcut with a single press or hold down for continuous use like a keyboard key.