Custom Macros

Ready made Custom Actions in Loupedeck's default Photoshop profile

In addition to Photoshop's function, Loupedeck's default profile for Photoshop contains also ready-made macros (Custom Actions). These macros can be found from the action panel, under Custom Macros (within Custom main group).

Custom Macros can be identified from the black background with purple top/bottom strips and an icon which has an explanation beneath. They are combinations of "micro process's" which are commonly tied together, for example:

  • (1) Create Layer and (2) Add Mask
  • (1) Duplicate Layer and (2) Add Mask
  • (1) Create 50% gray layer, set an (2) overlay blending and activate (3) Dodge Tool

Note! As macros are a chain of commands executed row after another, there might be cases of some macros not working as they should. Most likely this is because they are executed too fast (computer does not have time to make necessary calculations in between). In such case, edit the particular macro and add a "delay" in between commands to give the computer more time to process.

E.g. Custom Macro Dodge & Burn Layer + Tool does not activate the dodge tool in many cases. To make the macro work on your computer, you might need to add a 250ms delay just before the tool is selected (see image):