Default Profile

Final Cut Pro

The default profile that you get with Loupedeck may not be 100% fitting for your needs and workflow, but don’t worry: it's possible to customize Loupedeck freely to your liking. We are aware that people have different needs, workflows and projects – so do feel free to modify things! Having what matters to you where it matters and memorizing it will speed up your workflow.

You can have several profiles. Use Loupedeck Setup to make the profile perfect for you – or several, if you wish – and save them (on the CT’s built-in storage, for example).

Loupedeck is not designed to eliminate all mouse usage. Moreover, with some functions, Loupedeck works best when it gets a little help from your mouse (e.g. selecting a clip with the mouse and then working with the clip with Loupedeck). With some actions, Loupedeck nicely takes the workload off the mouse, though – e.g. navigating through the timeline, moving clips, adjusting color, tuning transitions etc.