Deleting a Profile and Removing Application Support

How to delete an unwanted profile and how to remove a supported application from the application drop-down menu.


Delete a custom application

Go to Application Profiles dropdown menu and choose the three dots next to it. You will see a window like on the right, where you can delete a custom application by pressing the trashcan icon next to it.




Note that you cannot delete native software integration applications like Photoshop or Capture One, but you can hide them from the main view by unchecking the box on the left side of the application name.

 Delete, rename or export a profile

In case you want to delete, rename or export a profile, go to the application profile dropdown and choose the three dots that appear next to the application profile name when you hover over it. 

Now you will see all the available profiles for that specific application. By pressing the three dots that appear on the right side of the profile, you can choose an action - rename, export or delete a profile.

Note that you cannot delete the last profile of an application.



A target application that has integrated support cannot be removed from the application drop-down menu. You can identify these applications by the Loupedeck icon.

Other applications which have custom support can be identified by a mixer-slider icon, as shown in the example on the right.

Each of the applications listed within the application drop-down menu always has at least one profile. If all the profiles for the application are deleted, the application support will be automatically be removed from the application drop-down menu.



How to delete a profile

  1. Open profile drop-down menu
  2. Click on the settings wheel at the end of the profile name (this will open a profile settings window)
  3. Click "Delete" from the profile settings window to remove the profile


Note! If your supported application has multiple profiles: Delete all the profiles related to the application if you want to remove the application from the dropdown menu.