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  2. Native Software Integrations

Deleting a Profile and Removing Application Support

How to delete an unwanted profile and how to remove an supported application from the application drop-down menu.

A target application that has integrated support cannot be removed from the application drop-down menu. You can identify these applications by the Loupedeck icon.

Other applications which have custom support can be identified by a mixer-slider icon, as shown in the example on the right.

Each of the applications listed within the application drop-down menu always has at least one profile. If all the profiles for the application are deleted, the application support will be automatically be removed from the application drop-down menu.

How to delete a profile

  1. Open profile drop-down menu
  2. Click on the settings wheel at the end of the profile name (this will open a profile settings window)
  3. Click "Delete" from the profile settings window to remove the profile


Note! If your supported application has multiple profiles: Delete all the profiles related to the application if you want to remove the application from the dropdown menu.