Loupedeck CT - Dials

The use of Dials on the Loupedeck CT

Dials are part of Workspace elements, the dial adjustments can be set individually for each workspace and page.

 If you need more than six dial adjustments, multiple dial pages can be created for each workspace. Swiping the screen up or down changes the dial page.

  • Dials also have press function. Normally (if target application's plugin allows) dials are assigned to reset the dial value, but you can re-assign any press function if reset is not needed (or is not supported by the plugin).
  • You can also activate the press action by double-tapping the icon or the name of the dial on the dial display.
  • (If plugin supports) the dial’s rotary value is shown next to the dials on the vertical touch bars. (The press function is not visible on the display.)

TIP! We recommend that your most-used dial functions are assigned to the first page, and less used functions to subsequent pages.