Firmware Update Troubleshooting Guide

Received an unexpected prompt to update your firmware? No worries!

The firmware version starts with 0.2.5 alters the connection method between your Loupedeck CT / Live and your computer. Instead of functioning as a network device, it will utilize serial communication to transfer data.

This update aims to resolve any lingering connectivity issues and ensure Loupedeck devices are compatible with VPN software.


Updating the Firmware

Before updating, ensure you're running The latest software version. You can download the latest version here:

Download the latest Loupedeck software.

If the Firmware update prompt doesn't appear immediately, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your Loupedeck device.
  2. Close the Loupedeck application.
  3. Reopen the Loupedeck application.
  4. Reconnect your device.
  5. See if the update window appeared

After the update, your Loupedeck device will be recognized differently by your computer:


For Windows Users:

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section.
  3. Your Loupedeck device will be listed as a "USB Serial Device."


For Mac Users:

  1. Open "System Information" (Click the Apple logo at the top left -> "About This Mac" -> "System Report").
  2. Your Loupedeck device will be listed under the "USB" section in the "Hardware" category.
  3. Note: The update process may require several attempts. If it doesn’t succeed initially, restart your Loupedeck device and try again.


Reverting the Firmware Update

Should you need to revert to an older Loupedeck software version due to system requirements, or if you've already updated your firmware and wish to go back, you can revert to the previous firmware by following these steps:

Press and hold the first and last round buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. This procedure is for Loupedeck Live/CT/Live S models.

Note: Don't be concerned if your firmware displays version 0.1.2. It indicates that you own a more recent Loupedeck CT model equipped with the most up-to-date firmware.