Loupedeck CT - FN Button

Learn about the FN Button on Loupedeck CT and how it works.

Loupedeck CT contains two identical Function (Fn) buttons, these are used for:

  • Pressing Fn simultaneously with a Round or Square button activates a  second action.
  • Pressing the Fn Button while simultaneously rotating the wheel scrolls through the Wheel lists and action cakes on the Wheel display .
  • Pressing both Fn buttons simultaneously locks wheel page navigation, swiping wheel screen will not change wheel page). Both FN buttons will illuminate red.
  • Wheel page lock is released either by pressing both illuminated FN buttons again or by navigating to the previous/next wheel page which does not require Wheel Page Lock to be activated (see: Wheel Page Lock).
  • Some wheel widgets have a second rotation adjustment, accessed by keeping FN pressed and simultaneously rotating the wheel (specified in application-specific manuals).