How to set correct permissions in Loupedeck folder - macOS?

In order for Loupedeck to work correctly with other apps, it is important to have the following Sharing & Permissions setting in Loupedeck folder.


First of all, use our Troubleshooter to ensure you are the owner of Loupedeck folder. 

  • Click on the small Loupedeck logo at the top menu bar
  • Select Help > Troubleshooter

  • In the next window, click the Fix macOS permission issues


As a next step, open this folder Users/<YourUsername>/.local/share/Loupedeck.

Please note the .local folder is hidden and you need to press "cmd + shift + dot" to see it.

Right click > Get Info > Then please check the permissions in the bottom and make sure that your user has Read & Write permissions, not Read only.


Please check this Apple Support article for more details.