Glossary of Loupedeck Terms

Here is a glossary of terms that you may come in contact with while using your Loupedeck console

    Add-on: refers to software add-ons like plugins, icon packs, sound packs and profiles. Application Profile: A profile specifically designed for a particular application and made to work seamlessly with that application.
    Control Center: Control Center: A dynamic page or action that retrieves information from the target application and displays actions on the device screen.
    Control Surface: Loupedeck console is interpreted as a control surface by multiple target applications
    Custom Action: An action that you can create and/or customise to your liking
    Dial: The rotary knobs on Loupedeck devices are called dials
    Dial Adjustment: is an action that can be assigned to a dial
    Dial Page: Page for assigning dial adjustment actions
    Main Profile: Profile for Operating system actions and universal plugin actions
    Marketplace: A platform where you can discover and download new add-ons such as plugins, icon packs, and profiles for your device.
    Overlay: This refers to the action confirmation text that is displayed on the top laye of the screen after you have performed an action.
    Plugin: is a type of add-on that allows you to have control over a specific application over it's API/SDK
    Plugin Profile: is a profile that has been created by using the plugin actions
    Press Action:  A type of action that can be performed by pressing a button or dial on the device.
    Profile: contains all actions and assigned actions
    Shortcut Action: a custom action for macros or shortcuts.
    Shortcut Profile: is a profile that has been creted by using shortcut actions / macro actions.
    Stored Actions: A library for the actions you have previously created in that specific profile.
    Touch Button: is a tactile button that can be personalized and has a customizable screen for displaying action icon and name.
    Touch Page: Page for assigning touch actions
    Wheel: refers to the big wheel dial controller on Loupedeck CT device
    Wheel Page: Page for assigning wheel actions
    Widget: Simple application tool that gives you a functionality like the clock or the weather report.