I added Loupedeck as control surface in Premiere Pro but Loupedeck doesn't work

Problem: Loupedeck does not work after being added as a control surface in Premiere Pro.

Solution: Please re-add Loupedeck as a control surface:

  1. Launch the version of Premiere Pro you intend to use with Loupedeck.
  2. Navigate to:
    • Windows: Edit -> Preferences -> Control surface
    • macOS: Premiere Pro -> Preferences -> Control surface
  1. Remove Loupedeck from the list of control surfaces.
  2. Add "Loupedeck" back as a control surface.

Please note: When several versions of Premiere Pro are installed, Loupedeck can interface with only one version at a time, potentially blocking the use of other versions. If you have multiple versions of Premiere Pro running simultaneously, ensure you remove Loupedeck as a control surface from the version not currently in use with Loupedeck.