Install a plugin from a file

How to install a 3rd party plugin into the Loupedeck system

When downloading a file from the internet, the web-browser usually asks for a verification for what to do with the file:

  • Open with (an application), or
  • Save file

Note! Loupedeck plugin file format is .lplug4.

Open with an application

  1. Verify that "LoupedeckPluginPackageInstaller" is opening the file
  2. Press "Ok".

A window will open and file is installed to Loupedeck system.

Save file

  1. Press OK
  2. Locate the file on your hard drive
  3. Double-click on the file (to start installation process)

A window will open and file is installed to Loupedeck system.

After installation

An installed plugin can be either a normal application plugin or a universal plugin (which can be added to all profiles).

Application plugin

Application plugins are visible on the profile drop-down menu. The profile will automatically activate when you start using the application (dynamic mode is on) - or you can select the profile manually (dynamic mode is off).

Universal plugin

Actions from universal plugins can be made visible by clicking "Manage plugins" and selecting which of the (installed) universal plugins is shown on the profile.

When plugins are picked, they are visible as gray boxes with white icon. Selected plugin is highlighted as purple and actions from that plugin can be mapped to the Loupedeck console.