Setting up Loupedeck Software (Windows)

Learn how to install the Loupedeck Software for Windows

The same version of Loupedeck software is used for all Loupedeck devices.

  1. Download Loupedeck software 
  2. Activate installer

To manage your Loupedeck device (assign actions and adjustment to the device), launch Loupedeck setup ( ) from

  1. Task bar:
    1. Right-click taskbar menu-arrow
    2. Double-click Loupedeck icon ( ), or
    3. Right-click Loupedeck icon and select "Open Loupedeck"
  2. If Loupedeck icon cannot be found in the taskbar, then open Start menu
    1. Locate and click on "Loupedeck"

Now you are ready to customize your Loupedeck device!