Loupedeck CT - Activating and using Keyboard Modifiers

Learn how to access and use Loupedeck CT's Keyboard Modifiers mode

The round buttons on your Loupedeck CT can be changed to Keyboard Modifiers. Keyboard Modifiers are marked under the round buttons: Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Alt/Opt, CMD/Windows key, Space, Delete, and Backspace. Learn how to activate and use Keyboard Modifiers.

  • Press the keyboard button, located in the bottom left corner to activate Keyboard Modifiers
  • When Keyboard Modifiers are active the keyboard button will glow red, while the round buttons will glow white.
  • Press the keyboard button a second time to deactivate Keyboard Modifiers.

When used simultaneously with the FN button round buttons in Keyboard Mode equal to keyboard function keys from F1 to F8.

TIP! You can access specific Keyboard modifiers by keeping the keyboard button pressed and pressing one of the round buttons. This doesn't turn on keyboard modifiers necessarily, but it allows you to use specific keyboard modifiers when needed (e.g., holding the keyboard button and pressing 8 performs a delete action without you having to enter the keyboard mode).