Lightroom Classic is lagging when editing with Loupedeck

One reason for delays in Lightroom can be the amount of develop presets.


Loupedeck is retrieving the develop presets data from Lightroom in order to display them in Loupedeck app. If there are hundreds of presets folders, it can slow down the communication and you may experience lagging in Lightroom.

To check the amount of Develop presets, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Lightroom Classic -> Develop mode and press the "+" sign next to Presets in the left column.
  • A dialog window will show up, please select Manage presets.
  • Untick any preset folders that you do not use at all, or do not use that frequently.


This will ease up the communication channel and fix the lagging. 

Read more about optimising Lightroom performance here.