Which Lightroom is supported?

This article clarifies which Lightroom is supported by Loupedeck. This applies for all Loupedeck devices.

Please make sure you use Adobe Lightroom Classic (not Adobe Lightroom, the cloud-based photo service). Lightroom (the non-Classic version) does not have SDK/API available and only a little keyboard commands support which are the two pillars our integrations are built on.


In order to use Loupedeck devices in Lightroom, please make sure to download the latest version of Lightroom Classic from your Creative Cloud app.


Loupedeck software is designed to support the latest Lightroom Classic version, because all subscribers have the possibility to keep the app up to date.



You can check your currently used version from Lightroom -> Help -> System info.


Please note our older software version contains an integration with Lightroom 6, the last stand-alone version of Lightroom. You can download this Loupedeck software from this link