Getting started with Loupedeck+ console on Loupedeck´s new UI

Here's how to begin working with the latest software user interface and Loupedeck+ console

Loupedeck+ support has been added to the 5.4 software release - if you are not familiar with how the new user interface works, no worries! Here are the very basics to get you started.


1. All you actions are in the action tabs on the right side of the UI. Action tabs contain all the actions that are available for the profile that is in use, arranged by the action type or plugin.

2. You can add even more actions into your profile by adding universal plugins - like MIDI - from the Loupedeck marketplace.

3. Assign actions and adjustments by drag & drop on to the desired buttons and dials.

4. Loupedeck+ Modes, that cab be switched via "Custom Mode" button, are now called Workspaces. You can access them from the Workspace menu.