Loupedeck software 5.3 is now available

This update release adds support for Loupedeck Live S Streaming Console, a new AppleScript action, Multi-toggle custom action, and lots more.

This latest 5.3 software version includes support for Loupedeck's newest addition, Loupedeck Live S, the Streaming Console. Here is a brief overview of the additional features and updates.

a hand is seen using Live S streaming console console on a desk
Additional Features and Updates:

  • A new custom action Multi-toggle (for macOS & Windows) has been added which allows users to link up to five actions into one and use a different icon for each step of the action. 
  • A new "Open Application" custom action is now available for macOS users as well as newly updated macOS default profiles. 

  • Furthermore, a new layer of security has been introduced for the OBS plugin with a password-protected web-socket connection

  • Fix for the issue with mac M1-computers that caused high CPU and memory usage

In addition to these improvements, the release contains a number of small enhancements and bug fixes. Please refer to the full release notes for a complete list of updates here.

Download the release here