Find out which COM port is used by Loupedeck Software on Windows

This article will help you identify and find out which COM (USB) ports are used by Loupedeck Software.

Using Process Explorer:
  1. Download Process Explorer application, and unzip the content of the folder. (Download Link Here)
  2. Open Process Explorer, then open the "Process Explorer Search" dialog (You can find it under Find > Find Handle or DLL menu item)
  3. Type "USBSER" to the text field and click "Search" button
  4. Search can take few minutes, wait until "Searching..." message is gone.
  5. When the search is over, you can find the process name who owns the COM port:

Alternative way using the command line (more technical):

  1. Download Handle application and unzip the content of the folder to the download folder. (Download the Link here)
  2. Open the start menu and type "cmd", navigate to the download directory by using the "cd Downloads/" command
  3. Run the handle program with these parameters: "handle.exe -a USBSER" (Note: to run the command you must be in the same directory as the handle.exe file)
  4. Find out the process name of who owns the COM port: