Keyframe Interpolation

Premiere Pro

By changing and adjusting keyframe interpolation, you gain precise control over the rate of changes in your transitions (or other effects).



Slows down the value changes entering a keyframe. You can manually adjust the handles.


Gradually accelerates the value changes leaving a keyframe. You can manually adjust the handles.


Creates an evenly-paced change from one keyframe to another, with each in-between frame given an equal share of the changed value. Changes created with linear interpolation start and stop abruptly and develop at a constant rate between each pair of keyframes.

Tip: Setting and adjusting keyframes works in a similar way for video effects. Right-click on a clip and select “Show Clip Keyframes”. Set Keyframes with Pen Tool and adjust them with functions such as “Change / Move Video Keyframes” assigned to dials or wheel.