Release Notes 5.8

This update includes a new Streamlabs Desktop plugin, extended trial license period for AI Assistant plugin and several bug fixes and small enhancements.

Released versions (64-bit builds)

  • Windows 10 and later:
  • macOS 10.15 and later:

Hardware Support (UI)   

  • Loupedeck CT 
  • Loupedeck Live 
  • Loupedeck Live S 
  • Loupedeck+
  • Razer Stream Controller 
  • Razer Stream Controller X

Software Support (macOS & Windows) 

  • Ableton Live 11 
  • Adobe After Effects 
  • Adobe Audition 
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic 
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Camera Raw (only Photoshop)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (2021 or newer) 
  • Capture One 
  • Spotify Premium 
  • OBS Studio (v28.0 or later) 
  • Philips Hue (Bridge) 
+ Many more plugins available at the Loupedeck Marketplace

Software Support (macOS only) 

  • Final Cut Pro  
  • macOS desktop support

Software Support (Windows only) 

  • Streamlabs Desktop (NEW!)
  • vMix
  • Windows desktop support



  • Previous Streamlabs Desktop plugin has been replaced by a completely new version that provides significant improvements to scene and source management.
    • You will need to remap scenes and sources for your existing profiles.
    • Some of the action names and descriptions may have changed to better reflect the actions.
    • This Streamlabs Desktop plugin version is Windows-only.  macOs version will be released at a later date.
  • Default macOS profiles have been updated for Loupedeck CT, Live, Live S, Razer Stream Controller and Razer Stream Controller X.
  • Default Windows profiles have been updated for Loupedeck CT, Live, Live S, Razer Stream Controller and Razer Stream Controller X.
  • The trial license period for Loupedeck AI Assistant plugin has been extended.
  • Custom Actions: Open Application – action now includes Windows store applications in its application list.
  • Error reporting was improved when copy+pasting an action fails.


  • Added a tooltip message for non-functional dial actions.
  • Plugins will not show the support weblink below the plugin status message anymore if the plugin status is “Ready”. The support link for plugin status may be only shown for warning and error statuses. 


  • Improved the log collection on Windows and macOS
  • Trace signatures of main exe files to verify that they come from cloud build
    • Validate the digital signature of exe files before running them for improved security.
  • Added support for the case when firmware update is available, but Loupedeck device is not up to date
  • Support URL is no longer shown for plugins with the “ready” status



  • Photoshop plugin can now be used with different kinds of photoshop application versions (prerelease, beta). Please read more at


  • Added action editor control: slider with adjustable value range and types 
  • Improvements to plugin logging: timestamp and severity
  • Helper class PluginResources added to Plugin Tool for easier resource handling




  • Fixed an issue that caused the shortcut action icon to have incorrect positioning after toggling modifiers in the shortcut action editor
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Text Action to add random breaks or braking text
  • Fixed the issue that caused the name of the custom dial action to appear again as a smaller version of itself in the background of the icon area
  • Fixed an issue in the icon text editor, oversizing and then normalizing text size made the text unreadable. 
  • Resolved an issue where the “Reset icon to default” did not work correctly with the keyboard shortcut action
  • Fixed a bug that caused Keyboard Shortcut action editor to show no value for parameters when created or saved
  • Addressed the issue that caused the overlay to show the previous volume level value instead of the current value.
  • Fixed the issue that cause the application profile backup to fail on macOS
  • Resolved the issue where Loupedeck application fails to install if there were Premiere Pro or Audition beta or prerelease applications installed on the computer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Loupedeck Troubleshooter to crash when restarting the Loupedeck application


  • Addressed the issue where it was impossible to undo creating or removing a custom or a MIDI action/adjustment 
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Stored Actions folder not to open when a folder was created inside it
  • Unnecessary “developer” folder was removed from the action panel’s desktop action list
  • Fixed an issue that caused the active touch page to become unsynchronised between the device and the UI when opening or closing the loupedeck application UI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the shortcut keys (Ctrl+, Ctrl -) for zooming in or out not to work with the Loupedeck UI. 
  • Fixed the bug that caused the action context menu not to disappear when scrolling through actions in the action panel.
  • Addressed the issue where the icon highlighter in the icon library became truncated.
  • Resolved an issue where a localized plugin failed to change its language correctly after changing the UI language.
  • Resolved an issue where the UI failed to change the language correctly, requiring a service restart for the changes to take effect.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the language change of the UI not to take effect until a restart of the Loupedeck application
  • Added the missing tooltip texts to Apple Script and Keyboard Shortcut custom actions
  • Restricted the resizing of the action panel width so that it can no longer render the editing of an action unusable.
  • Resolved an issue where the spacing between search result words would go missing.
  • Addressed the issue where deleting a folder resulted in the removal of an incorrect folder with the same name. 
  • Resolved issue preventing users from naming folders with the same name for different plugins.
  • Corrected an issue where using Japanese language text with the text custom action resulted in incorrect text pasting.



  • Fixed the issues where the crop tool would not change the aspect ratio correctly or would only apply the wrong ratio
  • Resolved an issue where the wrong workspace was displayed on the device when entering the Lightroom application 
  • Fixed an issue where importing a profile to Lightroom CC was disabled if Lightroom Classic was already installed
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Loupedeck service to crash when Lightroom application was exited
  • Resolved the issue that prevented Lightroom prerelease to be recognized as a Lightroom application.


Resolved the issue where the Photoshop plugin could not be used with Photoshop Beta software.

Photoshop (Camera Raw)

Resolved a bug causing the right-side panel in Camera Raw to remain closed when editing its parameters. 




  • Adding text to a GIF Icon is restricted in some custom action types.
  • macOS: In cases where two versions of a supported application are installed, the non-active version may start when Loupedeck uses press actions.
  • Loupedeck+ may not wake up after sleep mode in some circumstances.
  • Loupedeck does not recognize Live2D and LibreOffice apps with custom profiles.
  • Loupedeck Live devices occasionally remain active while screens are locked in Windows OS.
  • Developers may experience difficulty signing into the cloud environment.
  • No translation is available for the "no internet connection" notification in Marketplace, regardless of language.
  • Using Search does not highlight the "Custom" tab even if it contains search hits in the Stored Custom Actions folder.
  • Transparent icons or icons with a black background appear grey on a black background instead of blending in on the CT wheel.
  • Profile changes in the task bar menu do not always reflect the active application in the UI.
  • Custom Groups can only be deleted when they are empty of actions.

Custom Adjustments

  • The "Optional action before" adjustment cannot be removed. A workaround is to change the action type to "Run" and then back to "Shortcut".

Ableton Live

  • Plugin support for Ableton Live 10 must be manually installed from the Loupedeck Support pages.
  • The dynamic page "Clip Launch Mode" scales incorrectly on Live S - console.
  • Dynamic pages are disabled for devices that cannot support them.

After Effects

  • Some shortcut actions do not work when After Effects is installed in a language other than English.
  • After Effects 2022 displays an "Easy Cheese" error on Windows. After closing the popup, most adjustments work normally except for a few from the "General" action group. As a workaround, corresponding adjustments from the "Transport" action group can be used.


  • Multiple Loupedeck control surfaces can be seen in settings. (See Troubleshooting article for more information).

Capture One

  • Some icons, such as "Set Rating," are not shown.
  • Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original: Control Dial / Crop does not work.
  • The Brush tool does not open when the action is used (affects Windows users).
  • The Crop Tool does not initiate when the action is used (affects Windows users).

Final Cut Pro

  • Localization (translation of action names) is temporarily disabled.
  • Note that not all CommandPost plugin actions are compatible with Loupedeck+.


  • For shortcut actions that include the Shift key, Shift is not always executed, mainly affecting the selection of "Tools".
  • Illustrator 2022 or higher is not supported on M1 Mac (support will be added in the next release).

Lightroom Classic

  • Pressing the Home button in masking-submode returns to the library instead of the Develop mode.
  • Some brush parameters are missing from the action list.
  • "Activate Crop Tool by Rotation" has inconsistent behavior.
  • Filtering actions are affected on CT/Live if the legacy "--/Col" toggle-action is used on Loupedeck+.
  • Some Masking actions are visible in the action panel when develop workspaces are active. These actions only work within the Masking submode.
  • The Tools folder is incorrectly named as "Tools Menu".


  • The Viewer Count widget does not refactor sending keyboard shortcuts and keyboard modifiers.

OBS Studio

  • Windows: If OBS Studio is restarted a few seconds after having closed it, the Loupedeck will not connect as it has not finished disconnecting from the previous instance (5.0.3).
  • Changing scene collections has a chance to break functionality.
  • Icons might not get updated on Loupedeck boot.

Philips Hue

  • When using the Control Center, the following actions might disappear right after they have been used: Brightness, Hue, Color Temperature.
  • Long Press does not function.
  • LIVE S: Color Temperature adjustment is not available in Control Centers.


  • Dynamic pages cannot be added using the new UI.
  • Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original: None of the main dials are working. (Dials work in Camera Raw).
  • ACR Tools cannot be closed due to lack of API support from Photoshop.

Photoshop (Camera Raw)

  • Color Grading does not function.
  • Zoom-out zooms-in if the Finnish language/keyboard is selected.
  • Adjusting Grain amount is not functioning.
  • Closing a tool by pressing on the icon is not functioning.

! Exposure dial now adjusts highlights, as slider order was changed in the latest version of Camera Raw (v 16.0). Fix will be introduced as soon as possible.

Premiere Pro

  • On versions older than 14.0, Run Script Error messages constantly show, preventing the use of Loupedeck. This is not an issue with later versions of Premiere Pro. (See Troubleshooting article for more info).

Spotify Premium

  • For some users, adjusting volume shows the error message "Cannot adjust volume, no active playback device." Sign out from Spotify-linking and sign back in to resolve.


  • Dynamic control centers (input switcher, audio mixer, etc.) might not recognize new inputs introduced during a session. Restarting the Loupedeck software resolves the issue.
  • Some of the dynamic control centers do not scale correctly on Live S streaming console touch buttons.
  • Dynamic control centers are disabled for devices that cannot support them.