Get to know the Touch Buttons on Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live

Learn about the Touch Buttons on your Loupedeck console and how to use them

Touch Buttons are Workspace elements and can have different actions in each each Workspace. They are used to activate commands, functions, and actions, and can be fully customized to your liking. Touch Buttons, like dials, can have multiple pages of function, move through the pages  by swiping the screen left and right


TIP! We recommend you assign the actions you use most to the first page, and less used to the following pages. For fast access to specific pages, you can assign page links to touch buttons.

If you are only using one Workspace you can assign page links to a numbered round button for quick access.

TIP 2! Each Touch Page created is displayed as a page link within the Page Links Action group. The page links can be assigned in the same way you assign actions. Page Links give you instant access to Workspace pages and let you move faster through your pages.