vMix - Introduction to control center logic

Here's how to use the Control Centers - the Input Switcher and Audio Mixer - in vMix

Control centers are a great help for quick and easy access to your inputs and their volumes. The idea is that you can "run the show" from the control center.

!! Control centers are only available for Loupedeck CT & Live due to the device restrictions !!

Input Switcher - Instructions for use


1. Press Input Switcher to see the available inputs.
2. Press the name of the input you want to access.

-> This input is now moved to the vMix Preview Window.


Next up you'll see the options like in the picture below. You can choose what to do to your input.

Quick Play - Automatically transitions the Preview Window to the Output Window and for video inputs, starts playing input from its current position.

Cut - Input is cut to the Output Window instantly without a transition effect whatsoever.

Loop - Toggle the loop on/off for the input

Audio - Toggle the audio on/off for the input

Transition 1-4. These are the transitions you have chosen as your quick access transitions on the panel between vMix's Preview and Output Windows. Tapping on the transition 1-4 will transition the input from the Preview Window to the Output Window with the desired transition effect. After you have chosen the transition and the action has been executed, you'll be brought back to the inputs list view on the Loupedeck device.

Overlay Input 1-4. Use your input as an overlay by pressing one of the numbered overlay options. This action does not bring you back to the inputs list after executing it, because it works as a toggle button, meaning you can turn the overlay on and off by pressing the same button.  

Functions on the Dials / Dial Screens:

  • Double tapping the arrow will bring you back to the main workspace screen. You can alternatively press the dial next to it to get the same result.
  • Double tapping on Inputs will bring you back to the inputs list.
  • Volume dial lets you adjust the volume of the chosen input.

Audio Mixer - Instructions for use

Audio Mixer is a dynamic page available on the Control Center and Audio & Volumes - workspaces.

1. Press Audio Mixer touch button to see all your input volumes on the Loupedeck CT/Live's dial adjustments.

2. Adjust the volume of an input by turning the dial.


  • This change in adjustment can also be seen in real time on the vMix Audio Mixer window.
  • The Arrow symbol will take you back to the main screen.