vMix - Loupedeck CT Wheel and Button actions in the default vMix profile.

Let's go through the button and wheel actions in the default vMix profile for Loupedeck CT

Button Actions Picture 1: Loupedeck CT Button Actions

With the help of the Fn-button on the left lower side of the Loupedeck CT device you can access the actions addressed in blue in the picture above. 

Press Fn+Action button to create the desired action. For example: Fn + D = Next Playlist Entry

There are also two empty Fn-slots that you can assign to any vMix Action you like.

Wheel Actions

On the Audio & Volumes workspace, you have two assigned actions for the Loupedeck CT Wheel.

Action 1: Master Volume on the CT Wheel (Dial Action)

Action 2: Input Volume on the CT Wheel (Dial Action)


On the workspaces: Control Center, Transitions and Utilies, you'll find two different sets of preset wheel actions.

Action set 1:

  • Select Preview Input (Dial Action)
  • Quick Play (Press Action)




Action set 2:  

  • Fader - or as you might know it as the "T-bar"  (Dial Action)
  • Fade (Press Action)



You can move between the wheel action sets by swiping your finger on the CT Wheel screen.