vMix - Replay Actions

In this article we'll go through all the actions in the Replay Actions Workspace

Replaying actions is a wonderful tool for live sports productions. It allows up to four camera inputs to be recorded and replayed in slow motion. Replay Actions is the fourth workspace in the vMix default profile. In this Replay Actions - workspace you'll find the most used actions for instant replay.


You can find more actions in the vMix - plugin folder called "Replay Actions"  on the right side action navigator.

Touch Buttons

from left to right

Replay A Camera 1

Replay A Camera 2

Replay B Camera 1

Replay B Camera 2


Replay - Play All Events

Replay - Play Event

Replay Recorded

Replay - Stop Events


Replay - Play Backward

Replay - Play Forward

Replay - Play Previous

Replay - Play Next


From left down

Start recording (Press action)

Stop recording (Press action)

Replay - Play (Press action)

Replay change speed (Dial adjustment) / Cut (Press action)

Select Preview Input (Dial adjustment) / Quick Play (Press action)

Fader (Dial adjustment)