vMix - Transitions Workspace

In this workspace you'll find all the input transitions available

The transitions workspace consists of three pages filled with transition effects for your convenience.

You can use these transitions "on the fly" to transition an input from your vMix Preview Window to the Output Window. You can also assign your favorite transitions to other workspaces as you see fit.

The transition effects are quite self-explainatory, for more information please see the official vMix - manual or try them out yourself!


Transitions Workspace Page 1


First row: Zoom, Cross Zoom, Cube, Cube Zoom

Second row: Cut Direct, Fade, Fly, Fly Rotate

Third Row: Merge, Quick Play, Cut, Wipe



Transitions Workspace Page 2


First row: Slide, Slide Reverse, Stinger 1, Stinger 2

Second Row: Transition 1- 4

Third Row: Vertical Slide, Vertical Slide Reverse, Vertical Wipe, Vertical Wipe Reverse



Transitions Workspace Page 3

transitions_3Third page includes only two actions: Wipe reverse and Fade to Black, which is not a transition effect per se, but ----.




In the dial page you will find the repeating dial actions from the other workspaces