Windows OS - Default Profile

Welcome to the world of Loupedeck! The default profile for Windows OS includes most used actions to help you navigate around the operating system.

This article goes through the basic actions that have been assigned to the default profile for Windows OS. You can also create your own custom actions and include Windows related actions in other software profiles.

Remember, you can and you should customize the default profile to your liking!

Let's go through the preset actions on the Windows Default Profile.

Workspace: Daily Use

Touch Screen Page: Basic Controls

Actions listed from top left to right.

Close Desktop - Closes the desktop that is currently active.

Magnifier - Turns the Windows magnifier on/off.

Emoji - Activates the Emoji-keyboard.

Lock Workstation - Locks the Workstion behind a password.

Windows Desktop - Reverts to the default desktop.

Previous Desktop - Switches to the previous desktop.

Next Desktop - Switches to the next desktop.

Add Desktop - Creates an additional desktop.

Windows Explorer - Opens up a Windows Explorer Window.

Windows Search - Activates the Windows Search Bar.

Activate: Last used editing software - Activates the last used editing software i.e. Adobe Photoshop etc.

Windows Screencap - Activates the Windows Screencapture snippet tool.

Dial pages - Media Controls

Volume (top left dial)

Dial Action: Volume up/down

Press Action: Mute

Media Track Control

Dial Action: Previous/Next Track

Press Action: Play/Pause

Web Scroll

Dial Action: Web Scroll up/down

Press Action: PageDown


Brightness (Only on laptops)

Dial Action: Brightness up/down

Press Action: Reset Brightness

Square Buttons (CT Only)

Action changes when button (A - E) is pressed simultaniously with the Fn-button

A - ArrowUp

A+Fn - PageUp

B - ArrowDown

B+Fn - PageDown

C - ArrowLeft

C+Fn - Home

D - ArrowRight

D+Fn - End

E - Windows Actions

E +Fn - Windows Settings

Wheel Pages (CT Only) - Analog Clock

Analog Clock - an old fashioned way to perceive the passing of time.