What is a Workspace and how does it work?

On your mobile phone, you have the ability to have multiple pages to organize your tools and applications (e.g. to touch screen or for dials).

A Workspace is like a toolbox containing a specific set of tools – it is the base level for the Loupedeck system. Workspaces are typically assigned to round buttons (1-7) and marked with the green color.

Example: You have two dial pages for media controls and two touch pages for starting applications. You want to have document editing software commands organized separately, not mixing up with previous pages.

Workspace is an answer to this: Workspace 1 contains media controls and application activation commands - and workspace 2 contains document editing actions. You can assign Workspace 1 to round button 1, and workspace 2 to round button 2 to have quick access from your device.

Examples Workspace ogranization:
  1. Dividing workflow into Workspaces:
    • Streaming Workspace
    • Video editing Workspace
    • Gaming Workspace
  2. Dividing specific tools into Workspaces:
    • Rating Tools Workspace
    • Area and Eraser Tools Workspace
    • Export & Saving Presets Workspace

Actions and adjustments assigned to a workspace are controlled with two Workspace Elements (example actions/adjustments in brackets)

  • Touch Buttons (select brush)
  • Dials (adjust brush tip size)

Note! One of the workspaces can be assigned as Home Workspace which is the start-up workspace for your application profile.