5.1 Loupedeck Software is now out

This exciting new update introduces the Loupedeck Marketplace for browsing and installing plugins and other content, plus a new Plugins and Assets - manager as well as plenty of other small improvements

The Loupedeck Marketplace

With this release we're introducing the new Loupedeck Marketplace, where you can browse and install plugins, profiles and icon packs. The Loupedeck Marketplace is a dynamic browser based marketplace that enables frequent plugin and other content updates.


Plugins & Assets Manager

Manage your installed content within the Loupedeck software with the help of the Plugins and Assets - manager. Through this manager you can update your content, see their statuses and install/uninstall assets.


GIF - Animated Icon support in the UI

Now it's possible to personalise the console even further - we've added a gif-support to the icon editor. So instead of using a regular icon, you can now use gifs on the touch buttons.


Read the full release notes here

Download the software from here