Capture One Profiles for Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live

Which profile to use with different Capture One versions and how do the profiles differ?

Capture One plugin has been developed in multiple stages from early beta version to macOS AppleScript-API plugin. Therefor there are multiple different Capture One profiles available - and each offer certain degree of available actions and support (from the plugin).

Profile list

Note! Plugin actions on Windows profiles are based on sending a shortcut instead of an API command (even though users are not able to edit these plugin actions). On macOS plugin actions send API-commands (because of AppleScript support).

Capture One Basic

Suggested Capture One versions: 11

Suggested Capture One and OS languages: English

Capture One keyboard shortcut file: Loupedeck_beta

All the plugin actions are based on sending a fixed shortcut. The shortcut list in Capture One must be "Loupedeck_beta". This will ensure that shortcut sent from Loupedeck is the same shortcut defined in Capture One's shortcut list.

"Capture One Basic" was the first early beta profile for Loupedeck CT and Live. This profile contains basic level integration to Capture One and allows user to do basic level image adjusting in Capture One.

Capture One Extended

Suggested Capture One versions: 12 (or newer)

Suggested Capture One and OS languages: Any

Capture One keyboard shortcut file: Loupedeck_beta

Although Capture One plugin contains all the plugin actions (under Capture One tab), this profile is created solely with custom actions and custom adjustments. This makes it possible to sync Capture One shortcut list and Capture One Extended profile so, that all non-working shortcuts can be manually updated on both ends (especially on AZERTY, QWERTZ keyboards).

Capture One Extended profile also added many Capture One features as ready-made custom actions including better crop and tool support (compared to basic profile).

Loupedeck_beta shortcut file was also updated significantly but kept backwards compatible (so that new Loupedeck_beta shortcut file also works with the older Capture One Basic profile)

Capture One Default

Compatible OS: macOS only

Capture One versions: 14 (Capture One 21) or newer

Capture One and OS languages: Any

Capture One keyboard shortcut file: Loupedeck Default

Capture One introduced an AppleScrip-API support for macOS (only). Capture One plugin, starting from Capture One 21 (v.14), supports API communication. This ment, that Capture One profile can now rely on API functions instead of shortcut based commands.

Old Capture One Basic profile automatically adapts to changes in the Capture One plugin (as it has always been using the plugin actions, which are now updated) - the old profile, although it works, is missing many features. Capture One Default profile introduces new layout with many new ready-mapped actions.


Note! Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original devices uses Capture One plugin actions and adjustments, which are automatically updated according to the AppleScript-API support. No updates needed for either of the devices.