Copy / Paste actions using Lightroom Classic

What are the different Copy and Paste functions in Lightroom Classic plugin

Lightroom Classic plugin currently contains two different Copy (and Paste) functions:

  1. Copy All Settings (and Paste All Settings)
  2. Copy Develop Settings (and Paste Develop Settings)

Main difference is the use case for these actions.

Copy All Settings

As name implies, this function copies all the development settings of an image. When using Paste (All Settings) on another image, all settings will be overwritten with the settings from the copied image. Copy All Settings include masking.

Copy Develop Settings

This variation of the Copy/Paste includes settings that are most commonly needed, but outcludes image settings that are tied to angle of view, camera or lense type, etc

Outcluded settings (and reason for it) are:

  • Crop settings: Crop area usually changes between two images (unless photographed from a stand).
  • Masking Tools, Spot Removal and Red Eye Correction: Tool is based on the exact position on the image coordinate system. As crop or content position within the image differs amongst images, the position of the tool-spots are also different - thus copying tool position from another picture would place the tool wrongly on another picture.
  • Lens Profile and Profile correction: Images might be taken with different lenses or different lense settings which do not apply for all images. Therefor this is better to activate only if needed instead of assiging e.g. wrong lense profiles to an image.
  • Transform settings: Image transform is always based on an individual image (unless photographing architectural images with a stand). Transform settings would cause odd end results when applied to an image which has even the slightes difference on the angle of view