Custom Action: Run

A look at the run custom action

The run custom action is a versatile tool that lets users launch any executable item or website with one simple action. 

To create a run custom action click on a vacant touchbutton or create it from the custom action tab. You can either paste a system path or a web adress to the custom action bar or browse your system for wished item. Once you are done press create to save it.

After creating the action you can assign an icon to the action by clicking the icon in the action editor window.

Items that have default applications will be launched in that respective application e.g. media files and web links.


How to use the "RUN" command with parameters:


Separate the command from the parameter(s) with two pipe symbols, " || "

e.g. " command||parameter1 "


For example the command " /usr/bin/curl " should be given as:

"  /usr/bin/curl|| "


If there are any additional parameters, they are not separated by the pipe symbols

" command||parameter1 parameter2 parameter3 "

For Windows, you can also use environment variables enclosed in '%' signs, like %PATH% .



How to open a folder with "RUN" command:

On Mac:

On macOS it is necessary to add Open|| in front of the path of the file, example: Open||/Users/work/Desktop/photos. Also, it is good to mention there cannot be whitespace in the command, so if some folders files have a space in them, just add those words to apostrophes example: Open||/Users/daniel-work/Desktop/”new photos”

On Windows:

If it doesn't work out of the box, add one more back slash to the end of the path, for example