I installed the Loupedeck Software, now Error 0x80070642 is appearing.

If error message 0x80070642 (user canceled installation) appears during the Loupedeck software Installation, here are a few steps to fix this.


  1. Log in to Windows using your Administrator user account, which is required by Loupedeck software to complete the installation. Keep in mind that logging in to Windows with your Administrator account is not the same as “Run as Admin". (This process will be optimized in future software versions.)
  2. Make sure no editing software or applications are running while installing the Loupedeck software.
  3. Check the settings of any third-party antivirus software or Firewall on your PC that could be blocking the installation.
  4. If the above has not fixed the problem, run the attached REG file to enable UAC (User Access Control) on your PC.
    1. Confirm all prompts.
    2. Restart Loupedeck software.