The ‘Command Sets’ folder is missing in Final Cut Pro

Problem: The 'Command Sets' folder is missing in Final Cut Pro, causing software malfunctions.

This missing folder indicates that the Loupedeck Command Sets Shortcut file was not installed correctly. As a result, Final Cut Pro can't access the required folder, causing certain actions to not function as intended.


  1. Manually create the missing 'Command Sets' folder at the following path: /Users/"username"/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Command Sets.
  2. Download the command set file and place the downloaded file into the folder you just created.
  3. In Final Cut Pro, navigate to 'Command Sets' and select 'Loupedeck'.

Please note: You can gain full control over Final Cut Pro, regardless of the selected commandset if you install the CommandPost plugin. The plugin is available for download in the Loupedeck Marketplace.