Installing Photoshop Integration

How to set-up Photoshop integration

Photoshop integration is using Adobe's UXP plugin system. Installation process has two separate parts: 1) Installing Loupedeck software, 2) Installing Photoshop UXP plugin via Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud plugins, such as Loupedeck plugin, must be installed via Creative Cloud - system will not work if files are only copied to the hard drive instead of utilizing the installation process.

Firts Part: Installing Loupedeck software

  • Download Loupedeck software
  • Start Installation

During installation Adobe's Creative Cloud is started.

  • Creative Cloud will pop-up a notification ask to replace current plugin version. Let's first finnish with Loupedeck's installation process.

  • After installation is successfully complete: Close Loupedeck installer
  • Loupedeck software will open, close it also.

Second part: Installing Photoshop UXP plugin via Creative Cloud

Now as Loupedeck software has been successfully installed ( and installer and software closed) continue with Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Activate Creative cloud to see the notification of replacing the Loupedeck plugin. There are two possible versions of the notification:

#1 Replace current version:

  • Click "Continue"

#2 Install Adobe Version:

  • Click "Install Locally".

This will install the plugin version from the Loupedeck installation file instead from Adobe's cloud based plugin library.

  • Click "Ok" for installing Loupedeck plugin

After successful plugin installation Creative Cloud will inform when everything is ready

Note! When starting/using Photoshop, Loupedeck's Photoshop plugin needs to be initialized manually according to Adobe's plugin system: See instructions here.

Note2! Sometimes Adobe's Creative Cloud informs that the plugin has been installed "locally" and is indicated with a yellow tag. This is totally normal - the Photoshop's plugin file can be installed via Adobe Cloud or directly from an installation package. It is the same file and has same functions.