Loupedeck is not working in Lightroom

This article contains troubleshooting tips for setting up Loupedeck in Lightroom.

Loupedeck is not working with Lightroom at all

Please make sure you use Adobe Lightroom Classic (not current Adobe Lightroom, the cloud-based photo service or obsolete version of Lightroom Classic, formerly known as Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC).

Lightroom (cloud based photo service) does not have an SDK (Software development kit) support. Instead, only some of it's functions are supported by keyboard shortcuts which do not allow us to create deeper integration with this app at the moment. 

You can check the currently used version from Lightroom -> Help -> System info.


None of the dials are working in Lightroom

Lightroom Classic:

Open your Lightroom Classic. Open "File"-menu -> "Plug-in Manager". Check if you see Loupedeck listed in the left column

  • If Loupedeck is listed but has a red dot next to the name, please click Reload Plug-in
  • If the Plugin is missing, please download it from this link and install it by unzipping the contents of the .zip file and adding it from -> Lightroom -> File -> Plugin Manager 

Lightroom (cloud based photo service):

No deeper support possible for lighter version of Lightroom.

Most of the press buttons (arrow keys, Export) are not working (MacOS)

Please follow this article for more instructions.