Loupedeck 5.2 Software is now out

With better user experience in focus, this release introduces changes to Action Panel, Custom Actions and adds Button Color - customisation

This release focuses on UI improvements for Loupedeck Live and CT and is not recomended for LD+/Original users. 

Redesigned Action Panel

The action panel has been redesigned to a vertical strip instead of a horizontal one, this is to accommodate new plugins that might be downloaded from the marketplace.





New and improved Custom Actions

The custom actions have been moved as primary action group and are now action categories that can be dragged onto a button/dial to create a new custom action. The created action will be saved under the "Stored Custom actions" folder.

The sound custom action has been improved to have volume (win/mac) and output (win only) controls. 






Round Button Color Customisation

Customize your round buttons with a variety of colors and make the device pop out even more!



Read the full release notes here

Download the release here