Release Notes 5.2

64bit builds: ( Windows 10 and ( macOS 10.14 or later. This release introduces improvements to the action panel, custom actions and profile actions, plugin management, linked-account handling & rewritten Spotify Premium plugin

Loupedeck+ users!

This release is for Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live!

This version lacks the ability to import/export Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original profiles - keyboard and mouse actions will be either inoperative or missing from the action list.

This is due to structural changes within the Loupedeck software which cannot be supported by the legacy software interface (used by Loupedeck+).


Hardware Support (UI v.5)  

  • Loupedeck CT [CT]
  • Loupedeck Live [Lv]

Hardware Support (UI v.2)   

  • Loupedeck+ [LD+]
  • Loupedeck Original [LD]

Software Support (MacOS & Windows)

  • Ableton Live 11 [CT, Lv]
  • Adobe After Effects [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • Adobe Audition [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic [All devices]
  • Adobe Illustrator [CT, Lv]
  • Adobe Photoshop 2022 [All devices]
  • Camera Raw (only Photoshop) [All devices]
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (2021 or newer) [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • Capture One [All devices]
  • Skylum Aurora HDR (v.1.2 or newer) [LD+, LD]
  • Spotify Premium [CT, Lv]
  • OBS Studio (v26.0 or later) [CT, Lv]
  • Philips Hue (Bridge) [CT, Lv]  

Software Support (MacOS only)

  • Final Cut Pro (MacOS) [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • MacOS [CT, Lv]

Software Support (Windows only)

  • Streamlabs OBS (v0.20 or later) [CT, Lv]
  • Windows [CT, Lv]
  • vMix [CT, Lv]

Improvements (General):


  • Improved plugin listing (vertical instead of horizontal)
  • Multi level folder structure in the action panel (folders within folders)
    • g., Mouse actions are now categorized
  • Hidden application is revealed upon profile import
  • Improved error messages (for the user) with better instructions and links what to do
  • Login/logout support for universal plugins (within the add-on manager)
  • Ability to duplicate a profile (from profiles sub menu)


  • Plugin update possible from add –on manager
  • Renamed asset manager to add-on manager
  • “Start Loupedeck Automatically on Start Up” switch (in general settings)
  • More robust login authentication
  • Bluetooth support is disabled by default (after clean install)
  • More robust content-version synchronization between UI and Marketplace 
  • Simplified profile type is removed, and existing ones are converted as normal profiles
  • Ability to change LED-color (for round buttons) on all profiles and devices
  • Improved account settings
  • Loupedeck CT & Live has been removed from Classic UI (v.4)
    • 4 UI is still available as a link to the V.2 UI for Loupedeck+ / Original
  • If a fatal error occurs UI is closed (instead of black screen or endless logo-loop)


  • Animated icon when action is pressed


  • Improved methods to create (custom and profile) actions
    • Click on action template (and fill in the details), or
    • Drag “action template” over a button (and fill in the details)
    • Old methods also work:
      • Create new action to a folder (under submenu “...”)
      • Create action directly to a button by clicking ‘+’ (on a touch button)
    • Stored Actions group: All actions created by user are stored (based on plugin) in a separate group under the plugin’s action list (e.g., Stored Spotify Premium Actions, Stored Custom Actions)
    • Sound custom action improvements:
      • Output device selection
      • Volume adjustment (0-100)
    • Ability to copy & paste an action folder containing actions and adjustments
    • Quick-assign an icon by dragging an image-file over an assigned action
    • Profile actions can be edited after creation
    • Notify if user tries to create a yet another profile action (which already exists)
    • Auto-generated titles now present the type of the custom action


  • Design for a service API for “link/unlink” account


  • Windows specific repair-functionality has been removed from the installer (uninstall -> install does the same thing much better)
    • Note! Most issues can be solved by relaunching the system: Right click on Loupedeck icon from the taskbar and "restart". Not necessarily needed to re-install the software!

Improvements (Plugin)


  • Updated account linking
    • New login needed


  • Updated account linking
    • New login needed
  • Streamlined the Twitch action list in accordance to the action panel overhaul


  • Plugin has been rewritten to work more fluently and be more robust
  • Updated account linking
    • New login needed
  • 3rd party client libraries are updated


  • Improved translation


  • A cache has been implemented to show source and scene names on assigned actions (when actual data cannot be retrieved from the software, which is not e.g., running)
  • Streamlined the Streamlabs action list in accordance to the action panel overhaul
  • Added “Scene Collection” action to switch between scene collections in Streamlabs


  • Mute actions named as “Source-name” are renamed as “Source-name Mute”
  • Streamlined the OBS action list in accordance to the action panel overhaul
  • Added “Scene Collection” action to switch between scene collections in OBS

Bug Fixes (General)


  • In some cases, wheel page was presented incorrectly (in comparison with the CT’s wheel)
  • In some cases, installing new profiles from marketplace and editing them caused black screen on UI.
  • New-User Wizard’s navigation arrows were almost hidden if screen had unexpected scaling
  • New-User Wizard telemetry consent is by default set to “Yes” (affective if users e.g., skips the wizard)(setting can be change later by the user). 
  • In some cases, user was not able to sign into the Loupedeck account via UI
  • Mixed Login/Sign in notifications are now unified as “Sign In” (UI and plugins)
  • UI size was too big for HD (14”) users – lower part of the UI was not accessible
  • User can now re-add an application to the app/profile list after removing it without restarting Loupedeck software
  • First wheel page can now be deleted (second page will become first)
  • Ghost-actions no longer appear on dial strip if dial-press box is empty
  • Synchronization between action’s multiple icon-states and UI has been improved
  • Assigning Home to a workspace is immediately synchronized between system and UI
  • Loupedeck Software closes when service is terminated (“Stop Loupedeck”)
  • “Learn more” link is now disabled if there is no link provided
  • Macro does not need to be saved before adding an icon
  • ‘About Loupedeck’ now shows current year (instead of 2018)
  • Misspelled Workspace is no longer misspelled
  • Improved active-state’s hover color (e.g., in menus) for better UX
  • Marketplace shows a notification to user if internet connection does not exist (instead of black screen)


  • In some cases, plugin status did not change to normal after installation unless device was connected
  • OS tray bar was not fully translated
  • In some cases, flash-drive switch did not have any affect
  • Users are no longer prompt to register Philips Hue device when adding other plugins
  • Profile cannot be homeless  (1st workspace is auto assigned as home workspace)
  • Dynamic mode wakes up immediately when device is connected
  • Renaming touch page takes affect immediately
  • Service is more stable when recovering from sleep mode
  • Dynamic adjustment can exist without reset
  • Wrong plugin installation path no longer blocks Loupedeck software to start


  • Firmware updater modal’s “Click here” link now points to correct URL
  • Loupedeck software is no longer flagged as malicious by antivirus software
  • Animated icons had different zoom-state than static icons


  • Sound Custom action: “All files *.*” added to file explorer
  • MacOS: AIF and AIFF media formats added to the file explorer for Sound custom action
  • Macro delay over 9999ms now works as intended
  • Multiple actions with the same (beginning of the) name can now be created
  • Empty rows can be added to text action
  • Keyboard modifiers are no longer doubled when recording a custom action (rare case)
  • WIN: Media actions are now working again (e.g., next track, play/pause...)


  • Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original: Application drop-down menu should no longer be blocked


  • Second tray-icon no longer appears after sleep mode
  • In some cases, telemetry consent “off” was changed to “on” after restarting the service
  • MIDI Program Change no longer sends wrong command


  • PluginDynamicAdjustment can now have hasReset set to False
  • Improved file-size handling for LoupedeckSettings.ini

Bug Fixes (Plugin)


  • In some cases, plugin status was incorrectly stated as “Ready” even if user had not signed in.


  • Long press actions did not always work as expected
  • Plugin status no longer changes after selecting a different profile
  • Signing in to Loupedeck account is no longer needed for controlling lights
  • No more unexpected push-the-button-to-register invitations for first-time users


  • 'Devices' control centre’s icon is now visible
  • Due to rewritten plugin Spotify Service should not become unavailable after service disconnects
  • “Unknown” status should no longer appear after account is connected
  • Spotify volume adjustment is now functioning as expected


  • Login procedure is now more robust and should not cause connection errors


  • Volume adjustment no longer jumps but adjusts smoothly


  • General Audio is no longer missing after installing/launching OBS Studio
  • Better synchronization when updating names for sources and scenes


  • In some cases, some of the ACR adjustments pointed to incorrect sliders (e.g., Grain adjustemts)


  • Application profile is now installed even if Premiere Pro software is not


Known issues



  • MacOS: If two versions of the same supported application are installed, the non-active version may start when using press actions from Loupedeck.  
  • In some circumstances Loupedeck+ may not wake up after (OS) sleep mode  
  • LibreOffice apps and Live2D app are with custom profiles not recognized by Loupedeck
  • Loupedeck Live device is sometimes active while screen is locked (Win OS)
  • Developers cannot always sign into the cloud environment
  • After selecting a profile in the UI, correct workspace button is not highlighted
  • Marketplace’s “no internet connection” notification is not translated (to any language)
  • Using Search doesn’t highlight the “Custom” tab even if “Custom” contains search hits in the Stored Custom Actions folder
  • Transparent icons, or icons with black background, don’t blend in on the CT wheel but appear grey on black background


  • "Optional action before" adjustment cannot be removed. The workaround is to change the action type to e.g., "Run" and then back to "Shortcut"


  • Plugin support for Ableton Live 10 must be installed manually from the Loupedeck Support pages. 


  • Some shortcut actions do not work with a non-English keyboard layout due to the physically different key location 


  • Multiple Loupedeck control surfaces can be seen (bug in Audition).
    (Troubleshooting article for more information).


  • Some icons are not shown (e.g., Set Rating) 
  • Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original: Control Dial / Crop does not work 
  • Brush tool is not opened when the action is used (affects windows users)
  • Crop Tool does not initiate when action is used (affects windows users)


  • Localization (translation of action names) is temporarily disabled


  • For shortcut actions that include Shift key, Shift is not always executed


  • Masking workspace is empty for old profiles (article on how to fix)
  • Pressing Home button in masking does not return to develop mode
  • Some brush parameters are missing from the action list 
  • ‘Activate Crop Tool by Rotation’ has inconsistent behavior 
  • Filtering actions are affected on CT/Live if Rating/Col. button has been pressed on Loupedeck+ 
  • Actions from Keyboard group do not work


  • Viewer Count – widget does not work


  • Windows: If OBS Studio is restarted a few seconds after having closed it the Loupedeck will not connect as it has not finished disconnecting from the previous instance (5.0.3)
  • Changing scene collections has a chance to break functionality
  • Icons might not get updated on Loupedeck boot


  • When using the Control Center, the following actions might disappear right after they have been used: Brightness, Hue, Color Temperature
  • Long Press does not function


  • Dynamic pages cannot be added using the new UI 
  • Loupedeck+, Loupedeck Original: None of the main dials are working
    (Dials work in Camera Raw) 
  • ACR Tools cannot be closed (lack of API support from Photoshop)

PHOTOSHOP (Camera Raw) 

  • Color Grading is not functioning 
  • Zoom-out zooms-in if Finnish language/keyboard is selected 
  • Adjusting Grain amount is not functioning
  • Closing a tool by pressing on the icon is not functioning


  • On version older than 14.0, Run Script Error messages shows constantly preventing use of Loupedeck. This is not an issue with later versions of Premiere Pro.
    (Troubleshooting article for more info)
  • MacOS: Adding a second default profile for Premiere Pro crashes the Loupedeck service


  • For some users: “Cannot adjust volume, no active playback device”
    • Sign out from Spotify linking and sign back in


  • Dynamic control centers (input switcher, audio mixer etc.) might not recognize new inputs that are introduced during a session. Restarting the Loupedeck software resolves issue.